‘Walan Walan’ Kororoit Creek, (‘Bug Rug’ Sunshine West)

Walan-walan is a sculpture project at The Bug Rug
by Fiona Clarke & Kenneth McKean

Walan-walan means circle/round in Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung language.

The circle has more than one meaning in First Nations cultures. In this case it represents the annual cycle of the year. Other important meanings include as a symbol for a meeting place or a body of water. The sculptures forming the circle are based on animal elemental signs of nature from local Aboriginal seasons. Wumangurruditj – Wombat, Ilk – Eel, Common Brown Butterfly, Gurrborra – Koala, Pied Currawong, Goanna and Buliyong – Bat.

Many First Nations stories handed down over thousands of years often included mention of stars. Fiona and Ken have added glow in the dark resin to the artworks. This will gently illuminate them at night giving them a constellatory effect.

The circle is relatable in many cultures.
Walan-walan is a place where people come to sit and learn or simply to talk and rest in nature.

It has many uses but will firstly honour the original First Nations Custodians past, present and future, who took extremely good care of this land for
60k + years.

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