Students Lead The Way

Staff and students at Brookside College will live the message of reconciliation, following the painting of a new mural in the school foyer last week.

As part of National Reconciliation Week, year 9 students joined with local indigenous artist Fiona Clarke to paint the striking mural, which depicts the indigenous flag and a series of footprints alongside a simple message of reconciliation. College principal Simon Sherlock said the mural was just one part of an increased focus on indigenous culture and understanding at the school.
“We’ve started working with the Koori community, developing a Koori club … we realised that we need to do more, and we must do more, to share the culture and the story,” Mr Sherlock said. He said the year 9 students learned about the history and culture of indigenous communities in their humanities studies. Afterwards, they said they wanted to do something that would be a testament to their commitment to reconciliation.
“They did the design, looked at getting a local grant so we could have an indigenous artist come in and help us put it all together, and then came together to give us this fantastic mural,” Mr Sherlock said. “It’s become a big focus for the whole school, and something we’re really proud of.”